What are sardines?

Sardines (or pilchards) are small fish that grow up to a maximum of 25cm. Sardines have a strong flavour and are oily and soft in texture. They can be bought and prepared in various forms, altering the taste and texture greatly. They are a popular seafood choice around the world. In India, they are typically eaten fresh and fried or made into curries, while in the Philippines they are often eaten dried and dipped in vinegar or fresh and simmered in a spicy tomato sauce for breakfast.

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Are sardines sustainable?

Sardines carrying the blue MSC label are certified sustainable. MSC labelled sardines come from fisheries that have been independently assessed to the MSC Fisheries Standard. Companies using the label all along the supply chain have been assessed to ensure products can be traced back to an MSC certified fishery. Sardines are a versatile fish with many MSC labelled products sold worldwide.

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Bonus fact

While the main use of sardines is for human consumption, they have many other uses. Sardines are used as fishing bait as well as for fish meal used as animal feed. Sardine oil is used in margarine in Europe as well as for the manufacture of paint, varnish and linoleum worldwide.
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