World Ocean Day - Four things you can do

June 8 marks World Ocean Day, a time to celebrate our ocean and the major role it has in everyday life.

At the MSC, we are passionate about doing our bit for the ocean. You too can play your part and make a difference. Here are five things you can do right now to protect the ocean and ensure sustainable seafood supplies for the future.

Are you ready to get on board?

1. Shop for sustainable seafood

Make a commitment to buy MSC certified sustainable seafood when doing your shopping.

When you next visit your local store, fishmonger or supermarket look for the blue fish tick label. You might even find it on petfood. The label means the fish or seafood you’re buying comes from fisheries that meet rigorous requirements.

A small action can have a huge impact on our ocean, which feeds billions of people and provides 80% of the world’s biodiversity. Buying sustainable seafood also helps support the jobs and livelihoods of those working to preserve our ocean resources.

2. Get creative in the kitchen

Why not use World Ocean Day to host a sustainable seafood lunch or dinner party? Visit our sustainable fish recipes and foodies guides to sustainable fish for a diverse range of mouth-watering ideas.

We also have our own award-winning Ocean Cookbook - full of delicious sustainable seafood recipes from top chefs around the world.

3. Read, watch and learn about sustainable fisheries

The best way to understand the impact of the MSC's work is to hear first-hand from those involved in the program.

Read our immersive stories about real-life communities whose livelihoods depend on fishing and hear from passionate people taking care of our oceans.

Use our education resources to teach others and learn about how we can all play a role in keeping our oceans healthy.

4. Stay informed and inspired

Follow the MSC on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter and we'll keep you up to-date on the latest ocean news, stories, reports, recipes and more.

You can also sign up to one of our regular newsletters. There are a handful to choose from, depending on your interests, including a monthly consumer newsletter featuring top stories and recipes, and a weekly Fisheries Update on the latest certifications and assessments.

Help to create a wave of support by encouraging your friends and family members to sign up too.

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