How seafood consumers fund conservation

How buying certified seafood with the blue label supports innovative projects through the Ocean Stewardship Fund

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Scuba diver underwater by coral holding checklist

5 things we learned from the UN World Ocean Assessment II report

The UN’s second assessment of the world’s oceans gives us grounds for optimism, says MSC Director of Fisheries Standards Ernesto Jardim, but there's more work to do.

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Back of fisherman with ropes and fishing nets

Improving accessibility for small-scale fisheries

As the global demand for seafood rises and overfishing increases, it is crucial that we ensure all fisheries can access the MSC Program – regardless of size, gear type and location.

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Fisher standing in a boat throwing a net with the sun shining in the background

Ocean Stewardship Fund

The Ocean Stewardship Fund aims to increase the number of sustainable fisheries worldwide. In 2021, £650,000 has been awarded to innovative improvement projects.

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Meet the Ocean Ambassadors

A wide overhead shot of a sealine and a hoarde of boats and catamarans in the sea.

Ocean Lives

Fishing is more than just a job, it forms the backbone of many communities. Read about passionate people bringing sustainable seafood to your plate and download our small-scale fisheries report.

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