Enjoy the seafood you love, today, tomorrow and always.

We're on a mission to end overfishing. Ensure future generations can enjoy the wild seafood we love by choosing certified sustainable seafood with the blue fish label.

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What is sustainable fishing?

Sustainable fishing means leaving enough fish in the ocean, respecting habitats and ensuring people who depend on fishing can maintain their livelihoods.

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Melting glacier with mountains behind

Climate change set to drive profound change in the fishing industry

A landmark publication by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) reports that climate change is impacting economies and communities that rely on fishing for work and food.

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Meet the Wild Ones

Our Standards

Sunset in the Southern Atlantic with a crashing wave

Developing our Standards

We review our Standards because management practices and scientific understanding evolve. You can raise an issue or get involved in their development.

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Engage with a fishery assessment spotlight OPTION 2

Engage with a fishery assessment

Many people contribute to a fishery assessment, your contribution is valuable and will lead to a better assessment of that fishery.

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The Fisheries Standard Review

Every five years we initiate a review of our Fisheries Standard, addressing issues raised and incorporating new science and management best practice.

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We're in this together

Person's hands presenting a cooked meal of pollock in parchment

Sustainable recipes

Chefs and seafood lovers from around the world share quick and tasty ways of cooking MSC certified seafood.

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Real life stories

The best way to understand the impact of the MSC program is through those involved. Read about the passionate people taking care of our oceans.

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Underwater scene of a coral reef and tropical fish

The MSC and the UN Sustainable Development Goals

Data from the MSC is used by the UN Environment Programme to track progress towards international goals to end overfishing and protect biodiversity.

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