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Using the MSC ecolabel

All guidance documents relating to the use of the Marine Stewardship Council ecolabel.

Ecolabel User Guide

MSC Ecolabel User Guide - PDF document, 2300 kB
Version 3 | Issued April 2016
Description: Basic rules for the use of the MSC ecolabel on packaging, menus, fish counter and promotional material.


Product Approval Form - Word document, 881kB
Version 3.3 | Issued July 2014
Description: Approval form for any product artwork displaying the MSC ecolabel. 

Seafood Approval Form - Word document, 511kB 
Version 1.2 | Issued October 2014
Description: Approval form for menu items and fish counter products displaying the MSC ecolabel

Additional rules for using the MSC ecolabel

Use of stickers on MSC-labelled products - PDF document, 398kB
Version 1.3 | Issued January 2014
Description: Policy on using temporary stickers to display the MSC ecolabel on seafood products.

Multi-pack usage rules - PDF document, 88kB
Version 1.0 | Issued April 2016
Policy on how to use the MSC ecolabel on multi-packs, i.e. packages that consist of a variation of individually packed items sold as a unit.

Use of MSC ecolabel on MAP packaging - PDF document, 473kB
Version 1.0 | Issued January 2015
Description: This document gives examples on how the MSC ecolabel can be integrated on product labels for MAP packaging (perishables).

Use of MSC ecolabel on in-store leaflets - PDF document, 578kB
Version 1.0 | Issued January 2015
Description: This document gives examples on how to promote the availability of MSC certified seafood in (in-store) leaflets using the MSC ecolabel.

Guidelines on how to calculate the percentage of non-MSC certified seafood ingredients - PDF document, 642kB
Version 1.0 | Issued March 2015This document gives examples on how to calculate the percentage of a non-MSC certified ingredient in a mixed product with MSC- and non-MSC certified seafood.

ASC / MSC co-labelling rules - PDF document, 207kB
Version 1.1 | Issued November 2015
Description: Policy on labelling instructions where ASC and MSC certified products are mixed to make up the main seafood content of a product

Classification of MSC-labelled products at Cash & Carry and Club Card businesses - PDF document, 278kB
Version 1.1 | Issued March 2016
Description: This document gives clarification on whether royalties are charged on products sold in Cash & Carry and Club Card businesses.

Additional information on costs for using the MSC ecolabel

Charging exemption educational sector - PDF document, 236kB
Version 1.2 | Issued March 2013
Description: Policy on waiving MSC ecolabel fees for educational use. 

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