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Use the MSC ecolabel

Show your customers that your fish comes from a certified sustainable source by using the MSC ecolabel on packaging, menus or marketing materials. 

To find out about permissions and guidance on use, Download the Ecolabel User Guide (PDF, 3.4mb)

MSC ecolabelWhy use the MSC ecolabel?

The MSC ecolabel is the most trusted and recognised indicator of seafood sustainability. 

Find out about the benefits of using the MSC ecolabel


MSC-labelled South African hake filletsWhat does the ecolabel look like?

To suit your packaging needs, the MSC ecolabel is available in many different formats and languages.

Find out more about the available MSC ecolabel formats


Request an ecolabel licenceHow to get a copy of the MSC ecolabel

The MSC ecolabel is a registered trademark and you must have an ecolabel license to use it.

Apply for a license to use the MSC ecolabel


PackagingEcolabel rules for different user groups

Rules for use of the MSC ecolabel vary according to the type of business or organisation.

Find out who can use the MSC ecolabel, and download the user guide


MSC claimThe MSC claim

When the MSC ecolabel is used on a product, the MSC claim text must be displayed.

Read all versions of the the MSC claim


How much does it costCosts

There are 2 potential costs involved when you use the MSC ecolabel: an annual fee and royalties.

Find out more about MSC ecolabel costs


MSC ecolabel on packaging Misuse of the MSC ecolabel

If you know of a case where the MSC name or ecolabel is being misused, please let us know. 

Report misuse of the MSC ecolabel


Certified London restaurantContact us

We're here to help you through the process and help you make the most of using the ecolabel.

Contact us with any queries about using the MSC ecolabel

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