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Part of our mission to tackle unsustainable fishing and safeguard seafood supplies for the future, is to raise consumer awareness.

We’re excited and privileged to be able to take our message, with your help, to millions of people around the world. The message is simple: if you care about the wild environment and love seafood, choose the blue fish label. In doing so, you’re recognising and rewarding fishing communities who are making a real difference on the water, every day.


Man and woman on subway platform in front of MSC posters


Throughout September and across Denmark, consumers will see outdoor posters, cinema advertising, online promotions and activities in major retailers. The campaign has been kindly supported by Lidl Denmark, Coop, Royal Greenland and Rema 1000.

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MSC labeled fish in Stockmann, Finland


High end department store Stockmann has launched the first MSC marketing campaign in Finland. The MSC "Keep it wild" message is part of Stockmann's larger fish campaign. The main theme is "The best fish counters in Finland". Stockmann is the first and only Finnish company to have MSC certified fish counters (certified in 2012).

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Central Europe



In Germany, we are celebrating our 20 year anniversary together with our partners and consumers. Our testimonials, including chefs and a fisherman, speak to the public about why sustainable fishing is so important an what each of us can do to keep our #EyesOnFish.

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Southern Europe

Spanish fisherman holding 'Mares para Siempre' MSC campaign sign


15 Spanish companies celebrate 20 years of the MSC with their #MaresparaSiempre campaign.

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What do a wind surfer, chef, photographer and fisherman all have in common? They all have a respect for the wild ocean environment and an appreciation for the seafood that comes from it. That, and they're featured in the MSC's 20th anniversary consumer campaign in France throughout October.

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Western Europe

Chef Bart van Olphen head and shoulders shot


In collaboration with Dutch retailers and celebrity chef Bart van Olphen, Dutch consumers will have the chance to win an action trip to see the MSC certified pole and line tuna fishery in the Maldives. We’re also joining forces with the ASC to promote healthy oceans, lakes and rivers as part of the annual Think Fish Week.

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Belgium, North America, China, Japan, Poland, Australia, Sweden, Norway, United Kingdom.

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