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A collection of sustainable seafood recipes that are good for you and the ocean too. Delicious, easy-to-cook and healthy recipes for you, your family and friends.

Bart van Olphen

“I am happy to introduce the MSC’s 2024 collection of sustainable seafood recipes from around the world. They are all from chefs who are dedicated to cooking with seafood that is not only delicious, but good for our oceans too. Enjoy!”

Bart van Olphen

(The Ocean Cookbook 2024 curator)
Fish Lasagne
Chef: Dagný Rós (Belgium)
Coldwater Shrimp and Turmeric Soup with Vermicelli
Chef: Charlotte Langley (Canada)
Smoked Salmon and Mango Salad
Chef: Rie Laursen (Denmark)
Puttanesca style squid salad
Chef: Gregory Gourdet (USA)
Halibut and colourful zoodles
Chef: Ralf Harms (Germany)
Tonnikala Tuna Donburi with Baltic Herring Tempura
Chef: Jesper Björkell (Finland)
Haddock Fish Burger
Chef: Stina Algulin (Sweden)
Hake avocado and mojo verde
Chef: Mitch Tonks (United Kingdom)
Cockles and dill rice
Chef: Zainab Pirzada (United Kingdom)


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