Working with small-scale fisheries

Making sure small-scale fisheries operate sustainably is not only important for healthy marine habitats and ecosystems but for local communities too.

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Green turtle swimming underwater

How MSC certification drives environmental best practice

Dozens of certified fisheries continue to improve performance in areas such as bycatch and endangered, threatened and protected species, even after they have gained certification.

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Seaweed soup in dark bowl, with spice garnish

South Korea’s insatiable appetite for sustainable seafood

How the country has seen an eight-fold increase in MSC certified seafood sales over the last three years.

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Silhouette of man at dusk looking out over small fishing boats on water

Shifting towards sustainability

With new government regulations and NGO support, Indonesian snapper and grouper fishers are abandoning destructive fishing.

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Little Blue Label, Big Blue Future


Meet the Ocean Ambassadors

A wide overhead shot of a sealine and a hoarde of boats and catamarans in the sea.

Ocean Lives

Fishing is more than just a job, it forms the backbone of many communities. Read about passionate people bringing sustainable seafood to your plate and download our small-scale fisheries report.

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