Student Research Grant

The MSC Student Research Grant annually awards grants to support postgraduate students around the world who are studying fisheries science or supply chain traceability.

How does the Student Research Grant work?

The program provides up to £5,000 per postgraduate student project for travel and other support. Approximately 10 grants are awarded each year. The prerequisite, MSC Student Scholarship program is now closed.

To qualify for consideration, projects must focus on the study of some aspect of environmental improvement, performance or best practice in fisheries management, or seafood product traceability and supply chain management.

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MSC Student Research Grant


How to apply

The Student Research Grant has been delayed for 2020. An update will follow shortly.

A global fund

Since the launch of the Scholarship Research Program (now Student Research Grant) in 2012, the MSC has awarded over £90,000 to 23 student projects in 18 countries. Each point on the map represents a student project that received funding from the MSC.

Global map of Student Research Grant awardees from the MSC.

Meet the 2019 scholars

Bianca Haas  

University of Tasmania, Australia
Bianca studied how Regional Fisheries Management Organisations respond to sustainability initiatives and environmental agreements such as the UN SDGs.

Guilherme Suzano Coqueiro

Federal University of Paraná, Brazil
Guilherme is researching how small-scale traditional community fisheries in southern Brazil have been adapting to using bycatch reduction devices. He will look at the socioeconomic effects of using selective fishing gears.

Rodrigo Oyanedel 

University of Oxford, UK
Rodrigo is researching the illegal fishing of common hake in Chile which is affecting local fishers that depend on hake fishing for their livelihoods. He will investigate the drivers for illegal fishing and look at how the fishery can work to prevent illegal fishing.

Santiago Bianchi

Universidad Nacional in Mar del Plata and Instituto Nacional de Investigación y Desarrollo Pesquero, Argentina
Santiago studied how to reduce spider crab bycatch in the Argentine southern king crab fisheries.




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