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Funding boost for sustainable fishing in Global South

Additional three-year partnership with Dutch Postcode lottery agreed 

The Dutch Postcode Lottery has confirmed that it will continue to support the Marine Stewardship Council for a further three years by providing an annual funding contribution of €500,000. The funds will support the MSC to increase its capacity building and engagement with fisheries in lower income countries.  

With the FAO reporting a further increase in the proportion of fish-stocks that are fished at unsustainable levels [1], it is imperative to accelerate the transition to sustainable fishing globally. Approximately 60% of wild marine seafood is caught in the Global South [2], and provides food, income and livelihoods for millions. MSC is committed to work with its partners to accelerate this transition and to assist them on their pathway to sustainability. 

Marine Stewardship Council CEO Rupert Howes said: “The MSC is enormously grateful for this additional and very generous three-year grant from the Dutch Postcode Lottery. Fishing is an essential source of income and food for hundreds of millions living in communities across the lower income countries, but there is an urgent need to accelerate the spread of sustainable fishing practices if these precious natural resources are to be protected for future generations. This funding will help us continue to work first-hand with fisheries, supporting that development.”  

Since 2017 there has been a 71% increase in the number of fisheries from the Global South which are either MSC-certified or in assessment3. The Dutch Postcode Lottery is already supporting more fisheries to reach this stage through a project-specific funding grant for the MSC’s Fish For Good initiative. This initiative is specifically helping fisheries in IndonesiaMexico and South Africa to operate sustainably, including a blue swimmer crab fishery in Eastern Java and a  Pacific red rock lobster fishery in Baja California.  

Jonne Arnoldussen, Head of the Charity Department at the Dutch Postcode Lottery said:
 “The Dutch Postcode Lottery believes that future generations have the right to thriving oceans and an abundance of sustainable seafood. The MSC’s unique approach means that everyone can play a part in protecting making this vision a reality. Thanks to the contribution of the millions of lottery players, we are pleased to be able to continue supporting the MSC in this crucial mission.” 

The Dutch Postcode Lottery is the Netherlands’ largest charity lottery and at least 40% of each lottery ticket goes towards the different charitable organisations it supports – of which there are more than 105. The Marine Stewardship Council has been a beneficiary of Dutch Postcode Lottery grants since 2011.   



Fish for Good

This four-year project aims to guide fisheries on their journey towards sustainability, giving them the support and tools to improve fishing practices and restore healthy fish stocks.

Fish for Good