Five easy tinned fish recipes with sustainable seafood

If you’re stuck inside with a cupboard full of cans, there are plenty of dishes you can make using tinned fish.

Tinned staples are versatile and even celebrity chefs aren’t averse to using them. Here are five simple recipes from some of the world's top chefs. All these use sustainable tinned fish or can be easily adapted.

Tuna pizza

Pizza with tunaFancy a classic stay-at-home staple but haven’t got pizza dough? This adaptable recipe from Swedish MasterChef winner Sandra Mastio makes things easy. This is a quick way to make a filling feast using tortillas or wraps and some of the tinned tuna and potatoes you may have stocked up. 

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Tuna fishcakes

Wild tuna fish cakesA tin of sustainable tuna, some eggs, breadcrumbs and something with strong flavour are all you need for delicious fishcakes. MasterChef Australia winner Elena Duggan uses chives, dill and capers, but you can add bite however you like: leeks, garlic and mixed herbs are good substitutes.



Vitello Tonnato

Serving suggestion for Vitello Tonato - on a plate with salad in the middleA quick, blender classic from sustainable seafood specialists Fish Tales founder Bart van Olphen. Yes, this a veal dish but it can be made with any cold meat you have in the fridge. What’s important here is the sauce. The key ingredients are tinned anchovies and tuna, and MSC certified sustainable options are readily available.




Sardines in masala

sardines in masalaAnother recipe from Bart adds spice to your sustainable sardines. If using tinned, you might need a few tins but you won’t need to cut the heads off. Use up some of the hot stuff from your cupboard and serve with cool tzatziki.






Salmon and quinoa mason jar salad

Shrimp cocktail in glass seen from aboveThis healthy, well-balanced salmon salad is also fun to make. The dressing is easy and uses simple ingredients but bursts with flavour. Watch the video demonstration from dietitian, chef and author Shahzadi Devje.





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