Tuna is one of the world’s most popular seafoods and one of the most economically valuable. In some countries tuna is the main source of protein. Many livelihoods, particularly in island nations, depend on tuna fishing.

The MSC is committed to combatting overfishing and building the market for sustainable tuna.  In recognition of World Tuna Day, we want to celebrate tuna, the fish that feeds the world. 


500 tuna cut

A foodie's guide to tuna

How a staple can be a gourmet dish

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Tuna handbook cover image showing large head of tuna on blue background, with text.

Sustainable Tuna Handbook

A guide to sustainable tuna fishing and sourcing

Yellowfin tuna underwater

Tuna questions and answers

Common tuna questions answered

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Tuna recipes from Bart van Olphen

Tasty tuna recipes from Dutch chef and founder of sustainable seafood brand, Fish Tales
Tuna noodle salad served in a bowl

Tuna noodle salad with wafu dressing

Prep time 20 mins
Cooking Time 5 mins
Serves 2
Tuna melt served on a board with ketchup

Tuna melt with ketchup

Prep time 20 mins
Cooking Time 5 mins
Serves 2
Tuna and olive stuffed romano peppers on a board

Tuna and olive stuffed romano peppers

Prep time 20 mins
Cooking Time 25 mins
Serves 2



Tuna stories

As demand for tuna continues to increase, more tuna fisheries are improving their practices. This means more tuna fisheries are becoming MSC certified. We want to tell the stories of those fishers who are bringing sustainable tuna to our tables.
Hands placing tuna pieces on fresh fish counter

Sustainable fish to eat

There are more than 40,000 MSC certified sustainable fish and seafood products on sale around the world.

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