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All the key news, market trends and latest data on sustainable tuna in one place.

Given the surge in global demand, sales and production of sustainable tuna in recent years, we think the sector deserves its own regular focus. This page will be updated every quarter with the latest data.

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Key facts and figures

MSC tuna figures as of May 2024 

Infographic: Tuna global wild catch - MSC engaged 48% and MSC certified 36%

Market analysis of MSC labelled product volumes (metric tonnes) by country 

Tuna market analysis showing volume of MSC labelled tuna by volume in various countries

Companies leading the number of MSC labelled products by regions 2023-24

Companies leading number of MSC labelled tuna products 2023-24

Get more data in our Tuna Yearbook

Get more data in our Tuna Yearbook

Download our new Yearbook, featuring all the market data, plus innovations and insights from communities protecting our ocean.

Download tuna fisheries data

MSC Tuna Fisheries Master Table May 2024
Date of issue: 14 May 2024
Download download file XLSX - 1 MB

Market focus

The MSC UK Tuna Shopper Report 2023 provides an incisive picture of the evolving sustainable tuna landscape in the UK retail sector.

Discover which brands and supermarkets are selling MSC labelled tuna, how certified tuna sales in the UK compare to other regions and which global fisheries are meeting demand for sustainable tuna. 
MSC UK Tuna Shopper Report 2023 (2nd edition)
Language: English
Version: 2.00
Date of issue: 07 March 2024
Download download file PDF - 4 MB
MSC certified tuna in France: In recent years, MSC tuna has seen rapid growth in France, where tuna is the top seafood species consumed per capita. There are 2,300 MSC labelled products on sale across France, of which 198 are tuna sold by 48 brands
MSC Tuna Market Focus - France - November 2023
Date of issue: 29 November 2023
Download download file PDF - 1 MB
MSC certified tuna in Benelux: The Benelux countries make up the 4th biggest regional consumer of MSC certified tuna. There are 2,115 MSC labelled products on sale across Belgium and the Netherlands, of which 291 are tuna - and labelled volume of tuna is expected to grow 50% in 2022/23.
MSC Tuna Market Focus - Benelux - February 2023
Date of issue: 13 March 2023
Download download file PDF - 1 MB
MSC Certified tuna in the USA: Americans ate 8.7 kg of seafood in 2019. Tuna is number one wild seafood consumed in the country. Download our market summary below.
MSC Tuna Market Focus - USA - October 2022
Date of issue: 08 November 2022
Download download file PDF - 1 MB
MSC Certified tuna in Germany: In the ranking of the most popular fish species in Germany, tuna has overtaken herring and Alaska pollock in the past two years and is now in second place behind salmon. Download our market summary below. 
MSC Tuna Market Focus - Germany - July 2022
Date of issue: 19 July 2022
Download download file PDF - 2 MB


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