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Tuna is one of the world’s most popular seafoods and one of the most economically valuable. In some countries tuna is the main source of protein. Many livelihoods, particularly in island nations, depend on tuna fishing.

In 2021/22 the total global MSC certified sustainable tuna catch reached a record of nearly 2 million tonnes, compared to less than 1 million tonnes in 2017/18.  

Here we celebrate the popular and versatile fish and give you everything you need to know about tuna.  

Sustainable Tuna Yearbook 2024

Download our new Yearbook, featuring market data, innovations and insights from communities protecting our ocean.
Sustainable Tuna Yearbook 2024

Tuna recipes from Bart van Olphen

Tasty tuna recipes from Dutch chef and founder of sustainable seafood brand, Fish Tales.
Tuna melt with ketchup
Prep time
20 mins
Cooking Time
5 mins

Tuna stories

As demand for tuna continues to increase, more tuna fisheries are improving their practices. This means more tuna fisheries are becoming MSC certified. We want to tell the stories of those fishers who are bringing sustainable tuna to our tables.

Maldives skipjack tuna: a sustainability success story

The Indian Ocean archipelago's journey from sail-powered fishing to major global exporter of sustainably caught skipjack tuna

Tuna fishing after the tsunami

How one man's vision brought a sustainable future to Japan's devastated Tōhoku region.

PNA tuna - Small islands, big opportunities

The island nations of the central Pacific don't have much land. But they have an awful lot of ocean - and a precious resource within it.

Sustainable fish to eat

Sustainable fish to eat

There are more than 40,000 MSC certified sustainable fish and seafood products on sale around the world.