Marine Stewardship Council blue logo and text: Enjoy the seafood you love, today tomorrow and always

We’re on a mission to end overfishing. To ensure future generations can still enjoy the seafood we love. Choose sustainable seafood with the blue fish label to help protect our oceans.

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Cod fishing boats docked in Lofoten, Norway

What is the MSC?

We have a lot of work to do to keep our oceans healthy and teeming with life, but don't despair. At MSC, we want future generations to be able to enjoy seafood and oceans full of life, forever.

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Meet the Wild Ones

We're in this together

Gloved hand placing sockeye salmon fillets (left) on fish counter, next to haddock fillets (right)

Choose the blue fish label

When you buy a product with the blue fish label you’re supporting a fishery that is contributing to healthier oceans. We think it’s a no-brainer.

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Person's hands presenting a cooked meal of pollock in parchment

Sustainable recipes

Chefs and seafood lovers from around the world share quick and tasty ways of cooking MSC certified seafood.

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Real life stories spotlight

Real life stories

The best way to understand the impact of the MSC program is through those involved. Read about the passionate people taking care of our oceans.

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