The Blue Cookbook

Future friendly recipes from around the world

2021 is a chance to make better choices for us, and our planet. Where better to start than with the food we eat every day. Check out these recipes from 10 amazing chefs who help you make better seafood choices.

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The Blue Cookbook

10 amazing chefs from around the world help you cook their delicious, healthy and future-friendly recipes, with key species facts to help you make the right seafood choices.

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Food for thought

The annual protein needs of 72 million people would be met if all the world’s fisheries were sustainably managed.

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Waves crashing in sea

Our Seaspiracy response

Sustainable fishing does exist and helps protect our oceans.

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Eat sustainable seafood

Foodie guides to fish, recipes from all over the world, top tips to help our oceans from your kitchen. It's all here!

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What it takes

For the fishermen…

Hear what it takes to protect seafood for future generations, from the fishermen themselves.

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For the MSC...

Choosing the MSC ecolabel means your seafood is certified as sustainable and traceable.

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For you...

We work hard but now it’s over to you. Choose the MSC ecolabel when you’re shopping or dining out.

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