3 Ways Being a Label Reader Helps Protect People and the Planet

October 2, 2020

person holding lilys chocolate bar with fairtrade america label and wild selections pouch of alaskan salmon with msc blue fish label

We've all seen people reading the labels of food, beverage, and supplement packaging to look at the ingredients and nutrition facts—chances are that you have, too. More than ever, shoppers are looking at labels to make sure products match up with their values, whether it's protecting people or the planet. Over the past decade, purchase of and trust in food labels has increased, showing an upward trend in shoppers voting with their dollars for what they care about most. 

In fact, more than half of U.S. consumers agree eco-labels raise their trust in a brand, and nearly 65% believe retailers' and brands' claims about sustainability and the environment need to be clearly labeled by an independent organization (GlobeScan 2020)...


This article was originally published on Brandpoint. Read the full article here.
Split screen, left side blue fish swimming, right side plated salmon with fork

Sustainable Seafood Supports Healthy Oceans

Certified sustainable seafood bearing the MSC blue fish label helps to promote healthy oceans. Learn more about #FeelGoodSeafood that's good for you and the ocean too.

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