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Krill illustration

Krill Euphausia superba © Scandinavian Fishing Year Book

Krill are shrimp-like crustaceans that swarm in dense shoals found particularly in Antarctic waters, and can reach a total length of 62mm. Aker Biomarine Antarctic krill fishery is MSC certified, its products use krill in pharmaceuticals and nutraceuticals, for example omega-3 oil products. They are sold predominantly in the US and European markets. Krill is used more widely in recipes in Asia.

Certified sustainable krill fisheries

Find out more about the Aker Biomarine Antarctic krill fishery, currently the only krill fishery in the world that has been MSC certified.

Where to buy sustainable krill

Use our where to buy search to find krill products in the UK.

Krill recipes

Because very few people have ever cooked using krill, we don't yet have any krill recipes on our website. If you do have a krill dish that you would like to share please send us your recipe.

More sustainable seafood recipes

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