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Alaska or walleye pollock Theragra chalcogramma © Scandinavian Fishing Year Book

Pollock is a small relative of the cod. This large-eyed fish is the most important groundfish species in world fisheries.

Alaska or walleye pollock has a soft, white meat, suitable for processed, especially coated, products. Its roe is highly regarded in Japan where it is salted for consumption. Try some of our sustainable pollock recipes below!

Where to buy sustainable pollock

The primary markets for MSC labelled Alaska pollock products are Japan, the US and Europe. Japan is the principal market for surimi (minced fish) and roe products. The US and Europe are the main markets for fillet-type products. Fillets are used for fish and chips and fish fingers; surimi is used for imitation crab and similar products.

Use our Where to buy search to find shops and restaurants selling sustainable pollock near you.

Cook with pollock

MSC certified pollock recipes >

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Certified sustainable pollock fisheries

Find pollock fisheries that have met the MSC standard for sustainable fishing.

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